Our Story

Racing Eagle is the first Pan-African Motorsport Team, representing Africa at the prestigious World GT Series. This is a historical moment for the continent, as active participation at the top level of motorsport has eluded Africa, despite the high number of motorsport enthusiasts among Africans.

Active involvement at the global Motorsport had eluded Africa all this while, leaving African youths little or no opportunity to build career or participate in this multi-billion dollar a year industry, which is contributing immensely to global economy and human development in other part of the world. This is fast becoming history as Racing Eagle is taking the giant stride in putting Africa unto the map giving African youths the opportunity to learn and build career in diverse fields associated with Motorsport including driving, engineering, management & hospitality.

We see the need for Africa to offer its contribution to the global technology, engineering and innovation, which Motorsport is known to be at the forefront rather than just be a spectator as it had been all this while. Racing Eagle has been able to bring diverse people of different nationals in the continent and diaspora to form the team, demonstrating the ability of how Africans can unite and work together towards a prosperous and shining Africa not be known for wars, diseases and aids, but known for innovations, resourceful and development.

Epitome of United Africa

Our drivers come from all walks of life with different backgrounds and cultures. This is an advantage to the team in connecting with more diverse audiences, all over the world.

At Racing Eagle, we believe in equal opportunities, thereby giving every aspiring race driver the opportunity to demonstrate their capability to drive for the team and represent Africa,

irrespective of class or gender.





  • “This will open Nigeria and Africa to the world of Motorsport, and I am looking forward to bring GT Series to the historic Lagos Marina International Grand Prix”

    Stephane Ratel

    CEO of SRO Motorsport Group, organiser of Blancpain Endurance GT World

  • “I have no doubt about the success of Nigeria Racing Eagle and the colour it will add to GT Series, based on how passionate and aspiring Nigerians are, this is from my wonderful experience in Lagos Nigeria”

    Ron Dickson

    President D3 Motorsport, the world foremost street circuit designer

  • Nigeria Racing Eagle brings interest from one of the most diverse continents in the world, something which can only benefit us as we strive to expand awareness of the series.”

    Benjamin Franassovici

    Championship Manager British GT Championship